HofAS Cafe

Beside those adrenaline challenge games, there is a restaurant with stunning view overlooking to Campuhan Rainforest called Pravasa HomeMADE Eatery. The special menu is Organic Chicken cooked with Indonesia Savory Recipe. Besides, we also offer some Original Indonesian Specialty Dishes which are homemade and using organics ingredients.

There are three spot of the restaurant:

  1. Upper floor with relaxation kind of ambience, you may having reflexology while enjoy your meal at this upper floor resto.
  2. Lower floor Bar, enjoy your coffee or drinks while waiting your turns to play the games and this area is completed with Air Conditioning.
  3. Giant net hammock, besides those restaurant, we also available a giant net hammock where you could enjoy the breeze and scenery of Campuhan Rainforest. You may enjoy your meal while resting your body on our Giant Net Hammock.