Safety Equipment

Our high ropes activity courses provide fascinating experience and exciting challenges. And when it comes to the safety of our visitors, we won’t compromise or cut corners. Pravasa Bali Adventure is ensured the safety by providing high standard of Safety Equipment under UIAA, CNE and EN. These are to ensure our guests are safe and fun while enjoy the games without doubting us about the safety.
For your pre-games information, we have described all the safety equipment and safety back-up line for all games on below details:

Main Ropes Best wire under SNI’s standard
Guests’ We are choosing the best from Petzl for our guest safety which also under UIAA’s standard. It is also comfortable to wear.
Back up lines The best equipment is used from Petzl and Lixada for safety of our guest. This safety back up line equipment is under UIAA, CNE and EN standard.


As an operator of commercial ropes courses and adventure concepts, we constantly re-evaluate our safety measures and risk assessments. Because it is in the first place of everyone interest, liability and insurance. Regularly, our instructor, trainer and all the team are trained for safety back up line procedures and try our utmost to minimalize any injury during games.