A place of stress reliever – A place to challenge your adrenaline

Pravasa Bali Adventure is located at Sanggingan Village, by the great view of Campuhan rainforest, we turn the place to be a spot with several choices of high ropes activities. The most wanted activities such as Single Skybike (Savhari Bike), Couple Skybike (Dvaya Bike) and Flying Fox (Valgula) are available. We also offer some new adrenaline junkie which is available only at Pravasa Bali Adventure and won’t be found anywhere in Bali such as a high rope jump swing, called Praharsa Swing, a combination of rope jump and Tarzan swing, also we have one and only in Bali Superman Zipline, we called Zambara Zipline. It will be suitable for you who love to challenge yourself to have an adventure in nature life. Don’t worry, it might be adrenaline pumping, but we took high standard equipment to ensure your safety, including top-notch equipment under UIAA safety standards and well trained Patrol Guide who always ready to help.

While enjoying the activities, don’t miss to capture the moment with the stunning view of Campuhan rainforest and if you’re lucky, you could see the Mt. Agung from the site. Resting your body on perfect scenery place with our mouthwatering special Nusantara dish (Indonesian specialty of dish) at Pravasa HomeMADE Resto. All dishes are homemade and using organics ingredients which are good for your health.

Choice of Games:



Feel the sensation sliding from 40 metres of height above the Campuhan River and overlooking to stunning view of Campuhan Hill. The length of the string is 130 metres from start to finish and hanging on 16 metres above the ground.
Valgula – It is how we called this games which means flying fox from Sanskrit. This game is the most wanted games at Pravasa Bali Adventure.

Rp 150.000/Person

Savhari Bike

Single Skybike

Savhari Bike is an experience biking on a single string above the ground with length of the string at 130 metres and hanging 36 metres above the river and 12 metres from the ground.

Rp 200.000/Person

Praharsa Swing

Tarzan Swing

The newest available in Bali – Praharsa Swing. This is a challenging and an adrenaline pumping kind of games. Combination of high ropes jump and Tarzan swing with the view to Campuhan Hill and Campuhan River. Jumping from the height of up to 18 metres from the ground and swinging approximately 25 times like a Tarzan. There are three levels available for this game: Tara 1, Tara 2 and Tara 3. The highest one is Tara 3 which jumps from 18 meters of height.

Praharsa means extreme happiness from Sanskrit which reflects the feel when you play this game. Extreme, relieve and more happiness after.

Rp 250.000/Person

Zambara Zipline

Superman Zipline

Hanging on 40 metres of height above the river and sliding to 130 metres of string. What’s the different between Zambara and Valgula? Basically, they are still a Zip Line kind of games, however when you choose Valgula, your feet will hang down like sitting while if you choose Zambara, your feet will be hanging back and your body will be facing down like a Superman Flying Pose.

This game is giving you a sensation of how to fly like a Superman above the ground while you enjoy the stunning view of the Campuhan River and Campuhan Hill. This kind of zip line is more challenging than just take a onetime Valgula. Also, this kind of game is very rare in Bali and we believe when you try once, you will wanted this games more and more.

Rp 200.000/Person


Couple Skybike

Feel the sensation of biking up the sky together with your love one. Dvaya Bike giving chances to a couple have their time skybiking together above the ground and bring encourages one to another to finish the games. This game is giving more bonding time for the couple.

As same as Savhari Bike, this game is hanging on a single string above the ground with length of the string at 130 metres and hanging 36 metres above the river and 12 metres from the ground.

Rp 300.000/Person

Rate include Insurance, safety equipment and professional trainer